Kamis, 03 April 2008

Agricultural Country Which Lacking Of Food Ironic Really

By : Abdul Zaini*

Price all sort of requirement of high fundamental us feel with from day to day price requirement of fundamental still not go down but even continue to crawl to go up to start from rice, cooking oil, soy, paprika and others. It is of course to family owning production by the skin of one's teeth have to be clever arrange finance even do not seldom many society we which must rob Peter to pay Paul to live on. For them simply to eat to to represent very special matter.

As child a small farmer in my countryside really feeling how to concern to become farmer family, I who at that time still age flog year have to assist old fellow to be able to go to school, that is by looking after goat because it is true production of old fellow of agriculture it is true fall short. Production of my old fellow only can be used to eat everydayly. In our area which is majority is farmer try to look for other earnings by looking after livestock animal and with capital which its rate ala hence do not we are house seldom with our livestock animal.

In myself or possible each every farmer child do not want to become farmer because result of from agriculture do not promise to be able to live competent gone up him manure price, and lower price him sell rice, cabe, other agriculture product and onion of time of musin crop make farmer always experience of loss and or its result only last for eating is everyday.

Our state represent agricultural country which almost 60 % its resident have living as farmer and live in countrysides it is of course this isvery big potency. At governance of president of Soeharto state we have experienced of the self sufficiency rice even our state of rice exporting to other state. See present condition very leaving for behind most of all staple exist in our state of import of depended other state this which difficult to anticipate from within country so that if state of exporter flare up its economics hence our state is hit by its glimpse.

Agricultural sector not yet can become the source of requirement of domestic food, agricultural produce which far from competent cause this sector seldom be made by fulcrums live by farmer profession the rising generation represent as a last resort so that the quality of agriculture of compared to low us of other state, absorbent human resource to other sectors which more promising and agriculture farm a lot let emptily

Policy of government which have been gone through not yet can overcome this matter, from facet prosperity of farmer still like yrs. previously and there is no change meaning. To be expected to the fore agricultural sector have to become priority scale for every governmental regime which lead this country, continual policy which needed though flit its president but policy of agriculture ought to have clear direction.

Continual policy have been applied at a period of governance of President of Soharto that is with Repelita and result nya is well enough. Governance now nothing;there is no is wrong of him learn from efficacy which have been reached by at a period of New Order.

To reach self sufficiency in food hence agricultural sector have to in pushing as optimal as possible that is by making agricultural sector as domestic product pledge that is by providing human resource understanding about agriculture. For that agricultural sector have to become sector promising and guarantying prosperity to all farmer so that the rising generation interest proud to even become a farmer.

* Child a farmer of Countryside of Sukosari District Of Mantup Sub-Province of Lamongan East Java
* Now live in town of Balikpapan Province of Kalimantan east